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THC 17%

The hybrid Sour Berry was bred by Apothecary Genetics and has become famous among users for its sour fruity flavor. The happy high hits with a lot of power and drifts off into a numbing, floating state of deep thought and couch-locked bliss. The strong smell of fuel and fruity tang compliments the state of serenity the strain puts you in with an average THC content. Those seeking relaxation and a respite from an overactive sweet tooth can get both fixes from a Sour Berry high.

The Sour Berry plant flowers quickly when cultivated indoors, blooming among its twisted, curly leaves in only 46 days, give or take. The nugs are tightly rounded and light green, couched in fluffy hairs and blanketed in amber crystals. Since Sour Berry retains 1% CBD and sits mid-high in THC already, the plant is sought after by experienced users looking for an extra kick.

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